Feature and Challenge #2: Don Paterson / by Foot Notes

Don Paterson (1963-) is a Scottish writer, poet, and musician. His first poetry collection, Nil Nil (1993), won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection; God’s Gift to Women (1997) won both the T.S. Eliot Prize and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, and Landing Light (2003) won the Whitbread Poetry Award and an unprecedented second T.S. Eliot Prize.

In 2002, Paterson published a book titled The Book of Shadows, which included hundreds of terse and astute and observations on the world in the form of short and succinct aphorisms. Some of these include:

"Falling and flying are near-identical sensations, in all but one final detail. We should remember this when we see those men and women seemingly in love with their own decline."
"All my teachers have been women. Though several men have taken me aside for an hour to tell me things they know."

We are excited to announce that Don Paterson will be contributing one of his aphorisms to the 2015-2016 issue of footnotes. As a result, our second challenge is for you to write and submit an aphorism.

Challenge: In 100 words or less, express a general truth and axiom by which you have come to live your life (or at least, by which you are trying to live your life.) Serious, silly, terse, lighthearted – how much can you deliver in a few short sentences?